Aeris Weather API v1.7.0 Now Production Ready

AerisWeather has released version 1.7.0 of its Aeris Weather API as production ready. The latest release includes both improvements/bug fixes as well as new features. Feature additions of note allow users to track lightning strikes, and mixed casing within the location search functionality. An entire list of changes can be found at the version history.

The lightning tracking functionality is available through the new Aeris Lightning API add-on. The add-on returns data on lightning strikes within the past 5 minutes. The add-on calls lightning data within a 25 mile radius of the specified location. The data includes both cloud-to-ground strikes and intra-cloud pulses. Check out the lightning endpoint docs to learn more.

The improved searching functionality allows users to use a mix of capital and lowercase letters when searching for a location name, state abbreviation, or country abbreviation. Prior to this release, searching by location required a lowercase structure. This may seem insignificant from a user standpoint, but it saves significant developer headache.

The advisories endpoint has been improved in many capacities. An ID was added to identify advisories, an loc attribute was added to identify latitude/longitbude of a location, a details.emergency attribute was added for tornado and Flash flood emergencies, a details.color attribute includes a six-digit hex color code for the advisory, and more. Further, the batch API Request limit has been increased from 10 to 25. Learn more at the blog post announcement, and sign up for a developer account to get started.

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