Aerohive API Platform Integrates Wi-Fi Network Data with Business Applications

Aerohive, cloud networking solution provider, recently announced a new Application Platform that integrates wireless network data with business apps and workflows. The API-driven Platform provides monitoring, location, and identity elements that enable a broad range of business applications. After raw data is pulled from a Wi-Fi network, the data is run through a state of the art Big Data platform to deliver new value to users that Aerohive predicts will reduce cost, and provide new revenue and insights.
The monitoring APIs provide data on networking equipment (e.g. access points, switches, routers, etc.) and end user devices that connect to the network. The location APIs expose and exchange data with devices based on a physical location within the network area (e.g. current location or presence, stream data to devices that enter a specific location, historical data for a given location, etc.). The identity APIs provide tools regarding credentials, security, and profile-based network access.
While Aerohive envisions use of the API platform to span a wide variety of enterprise uses, retail represents an easy to understand early adopter of the platform. For instance, a retail store could create a heat map with the location APIs to understand where shoppers tend to spend the most time, and push certain offers to a shopper when he or she enters a certain area of the store. Further, the monitoring APIs could be used to ensure that the retail space maintains adequate network infrastructure to keep up with customer demand. Finally, the identity APIs could be used to give employees access to the store's entire system, while customers would have limited access (e.g. sale items, promotions, prices, etc.).
Aerohive is known for delivering critical insights into network health and functionality through its multitude of network analytic tools. The Application Platform represents the latest addition to its cloud-based or premise-based network management application: HiveManager NG. To learn more, visit the datasheet or visit Aerohive's developer site.  

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