AfterShip Makes E-Commerce Shipping API (Postmen) Free

AfterShip, a shipping and tracking Platform for online retailers, has announced that its e-commerce shipping API, PostmenTrack this API, will now be free. This offering has no limit on shipping volumes. With Postmen, users can automate and optimize shipping processes through 60 carriers around the world.

"Many retailers and fulfillment providers are trying to simultaneously scale their shipping operations and manage costs as a result of safe-distancing requirements and other economic impacts of COVID-19," Andrew Chan, AfterShip co-founder, commented in a press release. "A user-friendly, efficient shipping tool is critical for survival both now and as we look ahead to an unpredictable future. Postmen offers an easy, free solution to quickly scale shipping processes to meet the heightened demand for e-commerce."

E-commerce shipments have exploded as the world responds to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Postmen API helps retailers of all kinds transition to e-commerce and reduces costs associated with this transition. The Postmen API integrates with couriers and includes cost estimates, delivery time estimates, shipping label printing, and more.

Postmen integrates with shipping accounts and systems. With certain carriers (e.g. USPS), integrating with Postmen offers discounted rates to users. Integrating is straightforward and quick for developers. API objects include billing, customs, shipment, address, parcel, and item. Resources include rates, labels, manifests, cancel labels, shipper accounts, and bulk downloads. Learn more about the API at the Postmen site.

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