AgileAssets Launches Version 7 and Corresponding API

AgileAssets, leading provider of integrated infrastructure asset management software solutions, has launched Version 7 of its software Platform, which includes an API that makes key web services available to developers and other third parties. Version 7 adds over 73 new enhancements to the platform alongside the API. The API addition hopes to trigger developers to create custom applications to meet client requirements.

AgileAssets President, Stuart Hudson, commented:

“We’re extremely pleased to be able to offer Version 7 to our existing customers as well as public agencies and private organization throughout the world....Version 7 raises the technology bar for the entire industry while delivering powerful benefits that run from the individual user level all the way up to the agency or organizational level and on to third-party partners."

AgileAssets was founded in 1994 after public agencies expressed increased demand for better software to address infrastructure asset management. Today, hundreds of thousands of public assets (e.g. roads, vehicles, and bridges) are managed with AgileAssets software, and over 100 million people are touched by AgileAssets' platform. Version 7, and its corresponding API should open up the platform beyond AgileAssets' walls and let third party developers build custom applications based on the time tested platform.

The API remains in its infant stage and AgileAssets hopes it will open up a new line of thinking around the platform. With enhancements already scheduled (i.e. Mobile Fleet Repair Manager and upcoming apps by AgileAssets), the API launch is just the beginning of an API strategy. Those interested, should visit the Version 7 overview.

Infrastructure asset management is key to effectively using tightened public budgets. Version 7 of the AgileAssets platform has increased features and provided an API that developers can build custom, pinpointed apps to better manage assets. AgileAssets' API strategy could spark a new line of thinking in infrastructure asset management. Stay tuned for new apps and expanded API web services.

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