Agility Rebrands Headless CMS through Content Fetch API

Agility, a Headless content management system provider, has released its new Content Fetch API. The API is a total repacking of the company's core capabilities that should allow users to build, manage, and deploy applications more easily. The API further enhances Agility's ability to deliver on the promise of its other headless products: "compose once, publish everywhere."

"Our new API offering means we are opening up our Free and Nano plans to make it more affordable for developers to create small but powerful websites and applications," Joel Varty, Agility President, commented in a press release. "Folks can sign up instantly from our new website and be working with content in moments."

Through API delivery, customers can spin up new instances and gain complete visibility into usage of those instances. Developers can access Agility data in any language through the API. To help developers start, Agility has started publishing SDKs for prototyping Agility projects.

The API is a product rebrand, and Agility has launched it aside a marketing rebrand to celebrate its 17th anniversary. While technology has progressed which has allowed Agility to continue building innovative products, its mission has remained the same: "content first". With this in mind, Agility's latest API allows developers to put content at the forefront of designing a content architecture.

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