Agora Launches SDK to Add Filters to Live Video has launched a new SDK that enables developers to add face tracking and special effects to real-time video and live streaming apps: Agora Virtual Lenses. The SDK includes virtual lenses, filters and over 600 sets of 2D and 3D stickers that enhance the User Experience. Like Snapchat filters for enhanced social media experiences, Agora Virtual Lenses can augment any in-the-moment video content.

"The way we communicate and share content is constantly evolving," founder and CEO, Tony Zhao, commented in a press release. "As Snapchat's success has proven, virtual lenses have added a new layer to the way we interact with one another. We want to democratize that experience by offering a simple SDK that's open to any developer who wants to add interactive features to existing platforms or channels."

Agora Virtual Lenses is an open SDK that empowers video content platforms to augment video without a team of engineers. Because the service is designed with specific intent to integrate with third party apps, the SDK was built for scalability and is supported across multiple platforms. At scale, Virtual Lenses maintains quality, and uses minimal CPU and memory.

Virtual Lenses is available as a standalone solution, that complements Agora's all-in-one real-time communications stack (Agora Interactive Broadcast API, Agora Video Call API, Agora Recording Service, and Agora Signaling SDK). Agora has built is brand with a developer-first mindset. To date, over 30,000 registered developers build with Agora tools. 

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