Announces Interactive Broadcasting API, a real-time communications provider, has announced the launch of the Agora Interactive Broadcasting API, an API that can be used to add interactive live audio and video functionality to Web and mobile applications. The Agora Interactive Broadcasting API has been added to and is available via the Agora SDK.

The platform is cloud based, HIPAA compliant, WebRTC compatible, and features group calling, video chat, group video chat, interactive broadcasting, and other communications capabilities. communications products can be integrated with Web and mobile applications using the Agora SDK and WebRTC API. The Agora Interactive Broadcasting product is based on User Datagram Protocol (UDP) and provides real-time interactive broadcasting capabilities that support up to 7 active speakers and 10,000 participants. Developers can use Agora Interactive Broadcasting to enable interactive live broadcasting capabilities that engage audiences at a large scale.

"With our network spanning over international data centers and HD voice and video capabilities, is well positioned to deliver a new paradigm for in-app interactivity," stated Tony Zhao, founder and CEO of, for the press release. "In the last year, we have seen a big uptick in real-time communications being added to applications — the next step is true interactivity with consumers but also between consumers. Broadcasting, as new form of self-expression, can lead to new monetization models for several industries."

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