Releases Agora Video Chat SDK for Unity Game Developers, a provider of voice, video, and live interactive streaming solutions, has announced the release of the Agora Video Chat SDK for Unity. This new SDK will allow game developers to embed video chat directly into their games. With this release, is now a Unity Verified Solutions partner.

Unity Technologies provides a cross- Platform game engine that was first announced back in 2005. With the announcement of the Agora Video Chat SDK for Unity, game developers can now expand the experiences they create for gamers on Unity to include real-time video chat functionality. This functionality is being announced in light of the proliferation of video communication across the mobile ecosystem. The two companies see an opportunity to provide an enhanced social experience for gamers, while also increasing player engagement. This is possible because players no longer need to exit the game to communicate with each other via video.

Clive Downie, CMO at Unity Technologies had this to say about the new offering:

Live video is a powerful tool for game developers who want to take their games to new heights but most existing solutions come with a trade-off in gameplay...

Unity’s CMO continued by stating that’s solution is robust, while still remaining lightweight. He concludes that these attributes will allow game developers to build solutions that are engaging for players while retaining high-quality gameplay. claims that they have managed to keep video latency under 1 second. In an environment where users are often demanding of performance, we will have to wait to see how impressed they are with this solution.

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