AHCL Announces API to Extend Financing Platform

American Healthcare Lending (AHCL) has announced an open API that grants partners access to the AHCL patient financing Platform. Through Integration, partners can connect third-party apps and workflows to the platform and its associated features. AHCL's financing-as-a-service platform marks an innovative approach to patient financing that has simplified and eased costs for both patients and health care providers.


"We see this as a natural extension of our mission to make health care affordable. ...There are a lot of established software providers in the health care industry that provide services to millions of patients that we haven't yet reached. Many of these companies have a gap in their offering that our patient financing platform could fill," AHCL COO Nick Sorensen said in a press release.

The "established software providers" that Sorensen mentioned represent specific targets and opportunities for AHCL and its new API-driven strategy. The open API is available for a number of specialty areas: dental, bariatric surgery, plastic surgery, fertility and reproductive medicine, spine and neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery and others. AHCL's platform is flexible enough to meet the needs of individuals, Fortune 500s and many in between.

The API is open to AHCL partners. Typical partners include banks, hospitals, payment portals, software providers and many others involved in the health care payment space. AHCL has already made a major splash in the health care industry, and now that it has opened API access to its forward-thinking technology, the health care payment industry could continue to shift. For more information, visit the partner site.

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