AIH Technology Announces Inclusive Facial Recognition API

AIH Technology has announced a new inclusive Facial Recognition as a Service (FRaaS) API. The company’s facial recognition algorithm is designed to be ethnicity neutral which many facial recognition providers have failed to accomplish. The API is currently available through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

“AIH Technology’s mission is to bring positive changes to the real-world problems facing AI applications, including addressing racial bias in facial recognition,” Ben Su, AIH COO, commented in a press release. “With the global reach of the Azure Marketplace and its supportive ecosystem, AIH Technology is well-positioned in making meaningful impacts with our racially inclusive facial recognition algorithm.”

In addition to inclusivity, AIH’s FRaaS API has a number of potential advantages. First, for input, the service accepts “in-the-wild images”. Images don’t need to be posed and high resolution to be effective. Second, the service accepts raw real-time video and images. The API is easy to integrate and is built for both privacy protection and scalability.

The company sees a number of use cases including know-your-customer, ID verification, senior protection, advanced video analytics, and healthcare. The API is available for a monthly fee, starting at under $20 per month. Visit the AIH site to learn more.

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