Airbnb Announces API Updates

Airbnb has announced a number of updates related to its API. For developers of software that allows Airbnb hosts to create and manage their Airbnb listings, there is a new feature that makes it easier to merge existing listings and sync settings, eliminating the need for users of these tools to log into their Airbnb accounts to publish. 

Going forward, hosts who aren't managing their listings directly on Airbnb will no longer have to visit a Sync page to publish their listings. This will be done automatically. In Japan, registration details can also be synced to Airbnb listings automatically and Airbnb says that soon this feature will be supported in other geographic markets.

Airbnb has also added an Events Dashboard that allows developers to check on the status of their integrations, as well as an Airbnb API Test Sandbox that gives developers the ability to test their applications before deploying to production.

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