Airbnb Officially Launches an API

Airbnb has finally launched the official Airbnb API. While the developer community has pushed for an Airbnb API for quite some time, and the company indicated its interest in opening an API, Airbnb’s official Integration partners have historically been limited to private, wall-blocked partnerships. Until now. Airbnb has now officially announced the Airbnb API.
While the API is now official, it’s not public. Those interested need to apply for access. Once you have requested access, the Airbnb team “will evaluate your application based on the supply opportunity your application presents, strength of your technology, and ability to support…customers,” according to the API site.  Based on Airbnb’s published criteria for being awarded access, it appears the company will initially focus on the property owner side of the business for API integration.
Airbnb has not yet published open API docs. Those approved will receive the docs and then start testing. Once your testing is finished, you can launch your app and onboard “inventory”. This final step is further indication that the initial focus is the supply side of the business. We do know that OAuth is used for Authentication.
Airbnb will provide technical support to those approved to use the API. At a high level, without specific methods being mentioned, Airbnb has indicated that users will be able to connect and import listings, manage pricing and availability, and message guests. There seems to be a target audience of those with multiple listings. Stay tuned for more information on the Airbnb API.   

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