Aircall API Provides Phone Support for Business'

Good interaction with customers is vital for businesses. Communicate efficiently, keep customers satisfied, and they’ll probably keep coming back. Having good conversations can help to build trust. For this reason, having a great phone support system can really help to keep conversations with clients effective and ultimately, lucrative. This is what Aircall has set out to achieve with its phone support service. The Aircall API makes this functionality available to developers.

Aircall provides various features that help businesses streamline the way they handle phone support. Users are able to get local phone numbers in the different countries they operate in, assign team members to specific phone numbers, and track and manage all calls. In addition, users can take calls via the app on their computers or forward them to their mobile devices while they’re on the move. Other features include interactive voice response, customized music and messages, queuing, shared contacts, voicemail by email, desktop notifications, call transfer, real-time modifications, analytics, and more.

The Aircall REST API allows developers to access Aircall data and integrate it with other applications. Those interested in making use of the API will need to sign up for an Aircall account first. Further information is available on the website.

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