Akamai Announces Edge Cloud and IoT Edge Connect

Akamai, a content delivery network and cloud service provider, has announced the release of Akamai Edge Cloud and an accompanying IoT Edge Connect service. With the announcement of these new tools the company is hoping to “streamline and secure the delivery of data to connected devices and in-application messaging at scale.”

Akamai sees an upcoming revolution in the world of IoT, one that will bring billions of devices online in the next decade and increase annual application messages into the trillions. The company understands that this proliferation will provide both vast opportunity and difficulty for businesses hoping to jump on board. Akamai hopes that Edge Cloud will assist companies in tackling this endeavor, with the announcement stating:

... building and managing the infrastructure required to support, scale and secure these experiences can be incredibly time-, cost- and Resource-intensive for organizations and not a part of their core competency.

Akamai claims that early data platforms for IoT were not designed for scale and performance. The company looks to address this with IoT Edge Connect, a new product within the Edge Cloud solution lineup. This new solution offers a secure Framework that allows resource-constrained IoT devices and applications using MQTT for messaging to send or publish information to a server that acts as an MQTT message broker.

IoT Edge Connect is designed with scale in mind, Akamai claims that the solution is capable of handling hundreds of millions of endpoints. Concerning security, the company employed end-to-end mutual Authentication to ensure that the connection between endpoints and Akamai Edge Cloud is secure. 

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