Akamai Streamlines Developer Access to EdgeWorkers

Akamai, a content delivery network (CDN) services provider, has outlined the latest release of its EdgeWorkers Platform. The edge computing platform gains improvements that are aimed at simplifying code deployment, reducing data latency, and optimizing API traffic.

With this release, Akamai has added new Resource tiers that are designated based on CPU and memory requirements. The new Basic Compute and Dynamic Compute tiers are designed to provide developers flexibility based on their application’s needs. The company notes that Dynamic Compute will provide up to 60 million EdgeWorkers events per month. 

Akamai has also added EdgeKV, a globally distributed storage product, which provides developers with high-availability and low-latency edge data. The announcement explains this new product:

“There is no complex Query Language, and it supports a wide range of data types. As an example, a sports and entertainment company has implemented EdgeKV with EdgeWorkers to perform complex geolocation calculations. The capability maps users' longitude and latitude coordinates in relation to state borders, helping to ensure compliance of their service with local laws.”

EdgeWorkers also sees improvements in API traffic optimization, with the company claiming “API acceleration uses special-purpose hardware, reserved capacity, and prioritized routing to help ensure API transactions are completed successfully.”

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