Alcatel-Lucent Launches Nine "New Conversation APIs" and Accompanying Developer Portal

Alcatel-Lucent, a leading global communications solutions provider and the parent company of ProgrammableWeb, has introduced a suite of nine "New Conversation APIs" that provide developers with easy access to IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) capabilities such as high definition voice and video, audio/video conferencing, interactive voice, messaging and call control. In addition, Alcatel-Lucent has launched a Developer Portal that allows access to the New Conversation APIs and a Sandbox for developers to build and test their applications.

New Conversation APIs

Image Credit: Alcatel-Lucent

New Conversation APIs are REST-based (OMA Parlay REST) and also based on OMA Network APIs which makes them easy to use. Knowledge or training in IMS is not required to use these APIs and the New Conversation API Developer Portal makes it possible for developers to test their applications "with the same IMS network quality that the world’s largest service providers offer to their customers — your target market."

The Developer Portal provides detailed information about the New Conversation APIs including Documentation, community and much more (upon sign up). The developer site briefly describes some of the capabilities of the APIs:

  • Assign control of an active call to a 3rd party application
  • Build call and conference control functionality into an app
  • Manage interactive voice and video with your app
  • Use call progress notifications to add call monitoring capabilities to your app
  • Support fast and easy feature settings. Users can use your app to personalize their services or control the settings of your own app!
  • Retrieve call logs to give your users a more convenient experience
  • Send and receive SMS messages from your app
  • Get presence information for all contacts in a network address book
  • Add chat and file transfer capabilities to your application
  • Social Media Integration

APIs are building blocks used by developers when building web applications. APIs also support the sharing of data and content across devices and between applications. Alcatel-Lucent is creating a developer ecosystem based on these concepts and by leveraging the ngConnect Program. The ngConnect Program was founded by Alcatel-Lucent to create an end-to-end ecosystem containing all the necessary resources and expertise to "rapidly deliver next generation services and applications to service providers, enterprises and consumers."

"Today, no one else in the marketplace is offering service providers what our New Conversation APIs offer. They enable service providers to fast-track 4G innovation – turning IMS into a real engine for the rapid creation of new services," said Sandip Mukerjee, President of Advanced Communications at Alcatel-Lucent, "We make it easy to access the rich features supported by service providers and thereby attract more developers. New applications using IMS-based APIs can be built very quickly, in turn allowing the rapid introduction of more services, and a growth in revenue that comes from our customers being able to differentiate themselves in the marketplace."

New Conversation APIs have turned IMS into a Platform for rapid Web 2.0 innovation that allow service providers and web developers to work together to create services that deliver a "New Conversation Experience."

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