Alcohol Delivery Startup Drizly Launches API

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Drizly, the technology company powering fast, convenient beer, wine and liquor delivery for consumers and businesses across the U.S., today announced the availability of its Application Programming Interface (API) and developer platform, an unprecedented set of technology and tools that, for the first time, enable e-commerce opportunities in alcohol for brands, publishers, social networks, and recommendation engines.

The Drizly API is 3-tier compliant, and provides 3rd parties with a turnkey solution for deploying fast, convenient and responsible alcohol delivery inside of any consumer media experience. The Drizly API leverages the largest and most sophisticated delivery infrastructure in the US, to enable these unique e-commerce opportunities.

Innovators Sign On For Launch

Companies that have partnered with Drizly to leverage its API at launch include MillerCoors, the country's second largest brewer; whiskey recommendation and discovery engine Distiller; personalized local discovery platform Foursquare, and its sister social app,Swarm; peer-to-peer mobile app Inmoji; consumer acquisition and engagement platform Button; comprehensive mobile ad marketing platform The Mobile Majority; and global location marketplace xAd.

"We saw a unique opportunity to activate on-demand personalized experiences around beer-centric occasions -- like watching football and gathering with friends," said Dilini Fernando, MillerCoors Digital Marketing Manager. "This is the first time that social media and eCommerce have come together to directly sell beer, and MillerCoors is proud to be a pioneer in this space."

The Opportunity of Responsible, Compliant Alcohol E-Commerce

The Drizly API allows partners the opportunity to leverage a turnkey alcohol delivery infrastructure that can be easily customized and deployed to capture the opportunity of e-commerce in alcohol sales. For brands, the solution is built to enhance existing media, advertising and content investments, and layer on an e-commerce capability, shortening the distance to the customer and attracting new advertisers.

"Previously, brands and publishers were unable to integrate e-commerce into their media due to the complexities of compliance and responsibility within the alcohol industry," said Nick Rellas, co-founder and CEO of Drizly. "The Drizly API provides everything a 3rdparty needs to integrate the opportunity of alcohol e-commerce in a fully-compliant, responsible way. By solving for these issues, we've unlocked a huge business opportunity for our partners."

MillerCoors Innovates with Drizly via Twitter

Miller Lite has piloted a campaign leveraging the Drizly API, pioneering the ability for football fans watching the game at home to have Miller Lite delivered to them in less than an hour. Promoted Tweets link to a Miller Lite-branded e-commerce destination powered by Drizly:

Distiller and Drizly Partner to Cross Integrate Content and E-Commerce

Whiskey recommendation and discovery engine Distiller has partnered with Drizly to integrate their skilled whiskey descriptions, ratings and recommendations into the Drizly shopping experience, while also making one-click ordering available on Distiller.

Additional examples of how partners will be leveraging the Drizly API include:

  • Hanging with Friends? Use Foursquare and Swarm to let friends know where the party is, and order drinks directly to your preferred spot.
  • Chatting with friends? Send a Drizly logo in a chat conversation using Inmoji, which becomes clickable to begin ordering drinks.
  • Want Drizly in your app quick? Button's platform gives you immediate access in a pre-packaged, drop-in format.

To learn more about the Drizly API and our affiliate program, please visit

Drizly is the fastest, most convenient way for consumers of legal drinking age to get beer, wine and liquor delivered. Users simply download the free app to their smartphone (iPhone and Android) or log on to, and are instantly given access to thousands of products through Drizly's retail partner network, all at the same price as in the store. With a few taps of the finger, the consumer's beverages of choice are delivered in 20-40 minutes, or can be scheduled for a later time and date.

Drizly is currently available in 9 metropolitan markets including Boston, New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver, Washington D.C., Austin, Indianapolis and Seattle, with new cities to be announced in the near future.

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