ALFAcashier Opens API to Electronic Currency Exchange

ALFAcashier, an electronic currency exchange service, has opened API access to its cyrptocurrency-related services. The ALFAcashier API allows integrated apps and workflows to exchange currencies without needing to visit the ALFAcashier site. Customers have long requested API access to ALFAcashier's exchange, and the company is happy to deliver upon that request.

At API launch, the API supports ten currencies. This list includes popular cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) and some lesser known currencies. In addition to currency exchange, the API supports order creation, order status, address validation, and tracking order status. For more information, check out the API docs.

ALFAcashier is eager to recieve feedback on this customer requested feature. The team encourages users to reach out with feedback and questions at the support site. The company originally started automating exchange through its Auto Exchange Function launched in 2015, but the API strategy will take automation to the next level.

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