Algolia Personalizes Search Results

Algolia, a search API provider for web and mobile apps, has launched Personalization: a new Algolia feature that enables search results to be more relevant and tailored to an individual searcher. Based on user preferences and historical behavior, Algolia creates smart experiences that produce results more relevant to an individual. Algolia believes that relevant results create a path to discovery, not just a smarter search result.

Algolia suggests that most businesses fail to integrate personalization and relevance in their search results, because including such capabilities is time and Resource intensive. Algolia looks to offload the burden to the Algolia Platform, and scale the use of personalization across web and mobile apps. Developers can build, customize and automate search experiences with Algolia's Personalization capabilities.

Personalization includes a three step process to produce search results relevant to users. First, Personalization gathers data about a users action (e.g. clicks on a product, bookmarks, likes, category visits, cart additions, etc.). Second, developers/app owners manipulate a Algolia dashboard to define how certain user events should be interpreted (i.e. create scores for each type of action). Third, Personalization activates user preferences to impact the finding and ranking of personally relevant results. To learn more, visit the Personalization docs.

Personalization is available to Enterprise customers. Personalization is available through the Algolia dashboard or as a separate Personalization API. The personalization feature became available this week.

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