Aliens Revealed in InfoChimps' UFO Sightings Dataset

InfoChimps, those enterprising primates, have another incredibly interesting dataset to offer up to the world: 60,000+ UFO Sightings.  And you thought that they didn’t exist!  Now you’re going to have to apologize to the believers that you mocked because this dataset has come to set the record straight.  Aliens exist and the evidence is the InfoChimps Datasets API, which makes searchable every documented sighting.

This data is accessible through a RESTful API and is returned in JSON.  With this dataset you could create a visualization showing information such as: all sightings in a particular year, month of day.  Maybe even an animation showing the sightings as days tick by.  What patterns might emerge?  Imagine the people that might come forward after seeing that others had seen these same UFOs that they had seen but not reported!  A little exposure could make this data set explode with contributions.  Sign up at InfoChimps and give the API a test run.  Test your mashup skills and combine this with your favorite map data API.

Here’s a couple same response items:

This dataset is sure to make for a fun implementation project that the internet will eagerly devour.

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