All for Good: Volunteer Opportunities Via API

Developer's interested in giving back to the community should check out All for Good's new API (our All for Good API Profile). If you are not familiar with All for Good, it is a new service that lets you browse volunteer activities and find events based on your location or interests.

All for Good - Android

According to the All for Good site, the new application was developed in response to President Obama's call for citizen action:

Inspired by the call of President Obama to engage more Americans in service, a group of individuals from the technology, marketing and public sectors came together to build an open source application that allows you to find and share volunteer activities. All for Good lets you browse activities and find events based on your location or interests. The site is governed by Our Good Works a nonprofit organization that was formed by some of the people who initiated the project and who support the product's growth. vities.

All for Good is backed by several influential private and non-profit organizations, including Google, Craigslist Foundation, UCLA, YouTube, FanFeedr and Aha! Ink. There are numerous founding activity providers, including the American Red Cross, United Way, Sierra Club, and many more.

All for Good's RESTful API accepts several request parameters, including search keywords, volunteer opportunity providers, and proximity to a geographic location (either a city/state or latitude/longitude). Documentation for the API is already available, as well as an application gallery that features a web page gadget and Android App developed with the API. Developers should note that an API Key is required.


The All for Good API is a great addition to our API directory, and it joins the ranks of other APIs like the Green Thing API, Social Actions API and the Kiva API, in providing developers with access to valuable information that can be leveraged to do good.

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