For All Things Dice Rolling, Card Shuffling And General Board Gaming: BoardGameGeek API

For those who get their kicks out of a good old physical board game, BoardGameGeek is a fun application that may be of interest. It's an online board gaming Resource and community that is constantly updated in real-time by it's growing list of users. Users from across the world can participate in reviews, ratings and live discussion forums, add images, find play-aids, access session reports and more. BoardGameGeek also provides the BoardGameGeek API which means this functionality can be easily accessed and integrated with other applications.


BoardGameGeek covers everything to do with board games, dice games, card games, tile-laying games and games of dexterity, from economic games and dungeon crawls to strategy games and party games. It's all there - the database contains over 59 000 games ranging from the old favourites to the more advanced and new to the market. The service also includes a gaming marketplace where games can be bought and sold online.

Developers can access some of this information via the BoardGameGeek XML API. The API makes it possible to do things like search for games by name and by AKAs, retrieve information about a particular game or games, retrieve games in a user's collection, retrieve the messages from a forum or game thread and retrieve entries from a geeklist. Further information and Documentation is available on the BoardGameGeek website.

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