Allfunds Announces Upcoming API Platform

Allfunds, a mutual fund distributor, announced a new API Platform aimed at the wealth management industry. Allfunds created the platform for its wealth management clients to build innovative customer experiences and in turn generate new revenue streams. Allfunds is already Europe's largest fund platform, and wants to extend its reach by becoming a trusted Fintech partner for its large and growing customer base.

"With the Allfunds API Platform, we seek to empower our customers, partners and their developers, to innovate and grow their businesses by enabling them to offer their customers a simpler, faster, safe and convenient way to interact with them," Juan Alcaraz, Allfunds CEO, commented in a press release. "This Platform will integrate Allfunds' technology and services into their digital solutions in an easy and cost-effective way."

Allfunds already provides a host of fund services (e.g. research tools, investment solutions, online reports, online service management, etc.). Through the Allfunds API Platform, customers will be able to access many Allfund services through an API and integrate such services directly into third party apps and web applications.

Allfunds has not released any additional information at this time, but hinted more to come in the not too distant future. Expect a Front-end web tool, Developer Portal, and a portal management service to be introduced soon. Stay tuned to Allfunds press releases for updates.

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