AllSeen Alliance is Open Sourcing the Internet of Everything

The AllSeen Alliance has launched as the 11th Linux Foundation Collaborative Project. The AllSeen Alliance represents an open source consortium dedicated to democratizing and expanding the Internet of Everything. At the heart of the technology lies a a series of APIs that allows hardware devices to communicate with each other regardless of operating system, manufacturer, or other technology mote.

Linux Foundation Executive Director, Jim Zemlin, commented:

"Once the APIs that comprise the interoperability layer are opened up, there will be all kinds of opportunities to add services on top....Engineers already are implementing this code in products being sold today. We look forward to more product announcements at CES."

Premier members of the consortium include Haier, Sharp, LG, Panasonic, Qualcomm, Silicon Image, and TP-Link. As with many conversations regarding the Internet of Everything, the ideas spinning around the AllSeen Alliance are mind boggling and game changing. However, the AllSeen Alliance has an advantage when it comes to such conversations, because it is backed by some of the world's largest device manufacturers. Accordingly, when a conversation about a house realizing it is empty and adjusting the heat to conserve energy takes place, all of the appropriate players are at the table to make it happen. Through the AllSeen Alliance, Zemlin envisions the house scenario taken to another level:

"Even better, a system with this level of control could use a variety of states, enabling the house to enter its deepest sleep state when the occupants are out and gradually return to normal before they typically return."

The underlying connectivity technology utilized by the AllSeen Alliance is AllJoyn. Multiple SDKs and a code base is readily available to accomplish discovery, connection management, message routing and security, and more. The software development is dedicated to ensuring that the most basic systems and devices can communicate and interoperate with third party devices. For more information, visit the AllSeen Alliance and join or participate.

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