Alpha Roc Launches ALPHA API for its Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Alpha Roc, an Arbitrage-as-a-Service Platform provider for cryptocurrency markets, has announced an open beta for the company’s machine-learning trading API. The release of the new ALPHA API is designed to allow users with limited experience with investing to leverage the company’s AI-powered algorithms for cryptocurrency arbitrage. 

Investopedia defines arbitrage as the process of “buying and selling an asset in order to profit from a difference in the asset's price between markets.” Commonly, arbitrage is a strategy seen implemented by large institutional traders with the resources to investigate trading opportunities and track outcomes in real-time. The Alpha Roc ALPHA API is designed to bring this capability to retail investors. Kris Amos, CEO of Alpha Roc stated that:

“We strongly believe that the complexity of arbitrage trading shouldn't deter users from enjoying its benefits, therefore we also decided to open up our self-serve platform for the retail crowd.”

The Alpha Roc API is currently in beta and the company’s blog has been providing useful insight into how cryptocurrency arbitrage operates.  

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