Alpha Roc Opens Crypto Arbitrage Algorithms through API

Alpha Roc, a crypto trading firm specializing in arbitrage, has announced that it is opening up its keystone trading algorithm (ALPHA) through an open API. Access to Alpha Roc's suite of trading algorithms has been traditionally limited to hedge funds and partner offices. Now, the company is opening up this powerful technology to retail investors.

"What makes ALPHA truly unique and different from the crowd is that it is able to learn, adapt and combine different arbitrage strategies to suit the ever-changing market conditions on the fly," Kris Amos, Alpha Roc CEO, commented in a press release. "We strongly believe that the complexity of arbitrage trading shouldn't deter users from enjoying its benefits, therefore we also decided to open up our self-serve Platform for the retail crowd."

The ALPHA algorithms use Artificial Intelligence to uncover real-time arbitrage opportunities in crypto markets. ALPHA crawls data from exchanges around the world. After analyzing the data, it executes a strategy for profitable trades. With this system now available through the ALPHA API, retail investors with no experience in arbitrage can link their crypto accounts and use the same strategies as professional traders.

Alpha Roc has not yet published any API docs. To learn more about ALPHA and its underlying algorithms, visit the ALPHA site. From there, those interested can reach out to the team for access.

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