Amazon Adds ASK SDK Support for Express.js and Jinja

Amazon recently announced updates to the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) SDK for both Node.js and Python. The updates ease developers' ability to build skills into existing infrastructure. The Node.js SDK has been updated to support Express.js. The Python SDK has been updated to support Jinja templates. Finally, Django and Flask support for the Python SDK is now generally available.

For developers who build skills in Node.js, web services built with Express.js can now be integrated with such skills. This support makes it possible to integrate Express.js web apps and Alexa with just a few lines of code. Amazon has published new ASK docs on GitHub that include Express.js support. Additionally, Amazon has published examples to assist developers with the new support.

For developers who build skills in Python, Jinja templates are now available to manage Alexa JSON responses. Jinja templates give developers greater control over JSON results. Check out the latest Python ASK SDK docs on GitHub and new examples.

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