Amazon Adds Contact Flow APIs to Amazon Connect

Amazon recently announced Contact flow management APIs for Amazon Connect. The APIs allow contact center administrators to create, describe, update, and publish contact flows. Programmatic execution of these functions accelerates time to deployment and minimizes errors.

Amazon Connect is Amazon’s cloud-based contact center solution. It includes all the critical features of a modern contact center solution (e.g. real-time reporting, optimized routing, etc.). API programmability helps users scale the solution and integrate it with other business operations and applications.

Actions available through the APIs include routing options, user profile creation/deletion, flow, contact, hierarchies, and much more. Accessible data types include everything from message and flow summary to metrics and user profiles. For more details, read through the reference docs.

The APIs are available in all AWS regions where Amazon Connect is offered. There is no additional cost for Amazon Connect users. Check out the Amazon Connect site to learn more.

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