Amazon Adds PutRecords Function to Kinesis API has announced a new API function for its Amazon Kinesis managed service: PutRecords. Amazon launched Kinesis a little over a year ago as a service for real-time processing of streaming data at a large scale. The PutRecords function enables users to add data to a Kinesis stream in a less complicated, more streamlined manner. PutRecords can send up to 500 records to a stream with a single HTTP call.

"You can use PutRecords to easily build high-throughput producers that run on EC2 instances. Many customers use multithreading or local batching to improve the throughput of these producers. PutRecords reduces this complexity by improving the amount of throughput that you can achieve by using a single HTTP call," Amazon's Adi Krishnan said in a blog post.

In a little more than a year, many customers have utilized Kinesis to direct data from many sources (the "producers" to which Krishnan refers). An application server that runs on EC2 constitutes a common example of a producer. Mobile applications and Web browsers are also common producers in a Kinesis environment. The common goal among such producers is the desire to move data from the producer to the Kinesis stream as easily and quickly as possible.

Each record in the PutRecords call can scale up to 50 KB, with a limit of 4.5 MB for the entire call. A single call can send up to 5 MB of usage and application logs. Such transfer is especially useful in a mobile environment where network connection is inconsistent and battery life is limited. To learn more about the new function, visit the Kinesis Developer Guide or the Kinesis API Reference. Amazon suggests starting with Amazon Web Services SDKs that support the new feature.  

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