Amazon Alexa Live 2020 Embraces Deep Linking for Alexa for Apps

This week at Alexa Live 2020, Amazon announced a handful of improvements to the Alexa voice assistant. Updates to the assistant include streamlined access to mobile apps via skills, new AI-driven dialogue management, and a new API for gaming. 

With the introduction of a preview for Alexa for Apps, developers will now be able to enhance custom Alexa Skills to allow users to interact with iOS and Android applications directly via Alexa. Amazon notes that adding this functionality is simple for any application that is already taking advantage of deep links. Alexa for Apps is already being used by TikTok, Yellow Pages, Uber, and more. 

Alexa Conversations, released this week via beta, is designed to provide an easy way for developers to make conversations with Alexa feel more authentic. Amazon notes that this is possible because:

“Alexa Conversations uses AI to bridge the gap between what you can build manually and the vast range of possible conversations. You provide a few sample dialogs showing your ideal dialog paths and templates for the APIs you’ll need called, and AI extrapolates the spectrum of phrasing variations and dialog paths for you.”

Additionally, Amazon announced the general availability of the Alexa Web API for Games. This API brings voice games to Alexa via all Echo Show devices and select Fire TV devices. Using the API developers can develop games using HTML5, Web Audio, CSS, JavaScript, and WebGL

Make sure to check out the full list of newly announced features from this week’s event. 

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