Amazon Announces Mock Integration Feature For API Gateway

Amazon has introduced a mock Integration feature for the Amazon API GatewayTrack this API. Mock integration enables developers to generate API responses from the gateway without backend integration. Accordingly, developers can test apps before app development is complete. Developers can unblock dependent teams whose previous access would have been impossible before completed development.

Mock-Integrate is a method within the API Gateway. Thus, the method must be available. To enable the feature, users must first Create a Method. Users can create a method within the API Gateway console or the API Gateway Swagger import tool on GitHub. Methods are created with available Resources. For a step-by-step guide, visit the API docs.

To mock integrate a specific method, a user must first select a method from the Methods List. Next, the user selects Mock Integration, or Integration Request, depending on whether the Setup or Method Integration pane appears. Finally, select Integration Request. By default, the mock integration will return a 200 HTTP status code. Users can customize the default format as needed with some simple, straightforward leg work. 

The mock integration feature should speed up development, because Front-end testing is possible before the detailed backend is complete. We recently witnessed a similar move by Dropbox with its Dropbox API Explorer. As apps continue to offer more features, the more API integration necessary. The only way to deliver feature rich apps in a timely manner is for API owners to offer sophisticated tools to accelerate development. The Amazon mock integration feature is a perfect example of such a tool.

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