Amazon API Gateway HTTP APIs Builds Faster, Lower Cost APIs

Amazon originally announced the developer preview of HTTP APIs for Amazon API Gateway in December of 2019, the company has recently transitioned this offering into general availability. The new HTTP APIs is intended to provide a simpler way to create low cost, low latency APIs.

The newly announced service, HTTP APIs for Amazon API Gateway, has been in the works for some time now. Amazon noted that its teams started developing the service at the beginning of 2019, building on years of experience working on similar products for REST and WebSocket APIs. The product announcement stated:

“With the availability of new technology, and the expertise of running API Gateway for almost five years, we built HTTP APIs to run more efficiently.”

Efficiency certainly seems to have been a priority, with HTTP APIs receiving an all-new User Interface that the company believes is more intuitive and easier to use. Paired with these usability improvements are impressive latency numbers. The announcement claims that “For the majority of use cases, HTTP APIs offers up to 60% reduction in latency.”

Amazon also announces several new features for the Platform including request throttling, private integrations, and custom domain cross-compatibility. The ability to share custom domains across REST APIs and HTTP API is especially important as it will allow developers to build applications that rely on both HTTP APIs and REST APIs. 

Additionally, Amazon highlighted pricing for a portion of the United States where HTTP APIs was at least 71% lower in cost when compared to the REST API alternative. 

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