Amazon API Gateway Updates Aim to Simplify API Development

AWS API Gateway is a managed service that allows users to develop, host and monitor API backends on AWS infrastructure. In a move that aims to simplify API development while tightening Integration with other AWS services, Amazon API Gateway has announced several updates.

Amazon's announcement of the updates provides a basic explanation of the various building blocks and terms used while specifying your API definition. It then highlights the 3 key features that this update brings to the table:

  • Catch-All Path Variables: For an API path that includes a common path, say ‘/product’, instead of defining multiple paths and routing them to a single behaviour, you can now use a new catch-all path variable named {proxy+} that can map all the paths with the pattern to the same Function.
  • ANY HTTP Method: A new option is now available for the HTTP method that is allowed for your API. This removes the duplicate effort in needing to define the same behaviour for GET , POST and other HTTP Methods. You can now simply mention the HTTP method as ANY and map it to a particular behaviour. 
  • Lambda Integration: There is a new Lambda Integration template that you can use to hook up your API to the Lambda function. All you need to do is map the API behaviour to the Lambda function and the API Gateway service takes care of mapping the HTTP request into a form that can invoke the Lambda function. The response from the Lambda function is also mapped back to the HTTP response. 

In the recent past, AWS has introduced support for usage plans that provides organizations an option to monetize and build out an ecosystem around the APIs. The usage plans allow for not just issuance of API Keys to customers but creation of multiple plans like (Gold, Silver, Bronze and others) that allow tuning for API Throttling, Quota and API stages.
With the new additions, AWS API Gateway hopes to make it easier for developers to build out APIs and with the increasing traction that serverless computing (AWS Lambda) is getting, it is a natural progression to provide easier integration between the AWS API Gateway and AWS Lambda.

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