Amazon Appstore Sales Reporting API Now Available

Amazon has released an Appstore Sales Reporting API that allows developers to download sales reports programmatically. Prior to the release of this API, developers had to log into the Amazon Appstore developer portal and manually download the sales reports.

This past October, Amazon announced the launch of a new standalone Amazon Appstore mobile app for Android. The Appstore was completely redesigned featuring a new interface, and customers can purchase Amazon Coins from anywhere within the Appstore app.

Using the Amazon Appstore Sales Reporting API, developers can retrieve monthly sales data as compressed CSV files. The CSV file contains detailed information for each sales item. Among the details listed in the file are marketplace, country code, invoice ID, app title, item name (app name, in-app item, or subscription), and sales price. Appstore sales data is updated every 24 hours and the earnings listed in the CSV file are estimated.

At the time of publication, the earliest sales report available is January 2018. Sales reports for dates earlier than January 2018 are not available. It should also be noted that the confidential sales information provided by the API is for developer use only and is not meant to be shared.

For more information about the Amazon Appstore Sales Reporting API, view the documentation online.

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