Amazon Continues Improvement of Advertising API

Amazon has upgraded the latest version of the company’s Advertising APITrack this API, which will allow developers to manage campaigns programmatically. This latest version offers capabilities for automating campaign deployment while also optimizing advertising efforts.

Recently Amazon has added the ability to look up product availability via the API and has also added Integration with Amazon DSP. Adding product availability provides advertisers with a better understanding of how they should be promoting their products. The addition of Amazon DSP integration further bolsters the Platform’s capabilities for automated campaign management. This was always a core benefit of the API with the product page highlighting what Amazon sees as the benefit of the API:

“The API enables users to develop flexible solutions that meet their needs and goals, and to integrate more deeply with Amazon Advertising. The API offers most of the functionality of the advertising console while enabling programmatic management, allowing advertisers to manage ads or ad groups based on pre-defined conditions.”

Amazon has provided documentation and an API reference page to accompany the API. The API is being provided free of charge to partnering advertisers.

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