Amazon EC2 On Demand Windows Instances -Prices reduced by 20%

Announcement from the Amazon people- yes- more price reductions. Amazon is turning into the Walmart of the cloud , with frequent price reductions. We recently announced the 50% reduction in their API Requests here.

a price reduction of up to 26% on Windows On-Demand EC2 instances. This reduction applies to the Standard (m1), Second-Generation Standard (m3), High-Memory (m2), and High-CPU (c1) instance families. All prices are automatically effective from April 1, 2013.

As an example, a typical Microsoft Windows Application Server running on an m1 large On-Demand instance in US East (N. Virginia) would now cost only $0.364 per hour instead of $0.460 per hour– a 20% drop in price, which translates into more than $2000 in quarterly savings for running 10 such instances.

Here is what I think (and feel free to comment)-

If your developers are good, and smart enough to use APIs, and Amazon EC2 cloud for scalable infrastructure, why would they use Windows EC2 instances instead of the flexibility offered by Linux instances. Anything from LAMP Servers to Python jobs to the Big Data Hadoop thingies- are much easier done on Linux Instances! Unless this if just meant to offer an option to people to use cloud Desktops!

Will Windows Azure reduce its prices too?

Cheaper Windows on the Cloud? Just another (Amazing Amazon EC2) API call away!

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