Amazon EC2, Now in Extra Large

One of the most talked about APIs these days just made some more news: as announced yesterday the Amazon EC2 API providing virtual compute services is now a) out of beta and open to all developers and b) comes in "Large" and "Extra Large" sizes:

Amazon EC2 customers now have the choice of “Small,” “Large,” and “Extra Large” instance types, which are set configurations of memory, CPU, and instance storage (for specific configuration details, see The Small instance is the original EC2 instance type, and remains the default. The new instance types provide more memory, CPU, and instance storage, and are based on 64bit technology. EC2 users can now utilize these different instance sizes to support an even broader set of applications and use cases.

The Large Instance is equivalent to roughly four Small Instances (our original instance), and the Extra Large Instance is roughly equivalent to eight Small instances.

You can read more about their sizes and pricing on their site. The original size, now called "Small", costs the same $0.10 per instance hour while the large and extra large instances cost $0.40 and $0.80 respectively.

With EC2 and S3 Amazon continues to lead the way when it comes to providing infrastructure utility services for the growing Internet operating system.


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