Amazon Expands Natural Language Processing Capabilities to Support Financial Analysis

Amazon has added new functionality to its Amazon Comprehend Platform that aims to more aggressively support financial analysts that require natural language processing for events analysis. The new Amazon Comprehend Events API is specifically designed to help with extracting granular details from news articles, SEC filings, press releases, and bankruptcy filings.

To illustrate the value of the Events API Amazon highlighted a graph taken from the company’s announcement of its 2017 acquisition of Whole Foods. The graph shows information about the Whole Foods’ CEO post-merger. This is valuable information in understanding how the API structures event data. 

Additionally, the announcement of the new Resource noted that:

“The Comprehend Events API, under the hood, converts unstructured text into structured data that answers who-what-when-where-how questions. Comprehend Events lets you extract the event structure from a document, distilling pages of text down to easily processed data for consumption by your AI applications or graph visualization tools.”

In addition to the blog post announcing the release of the API, interested developers can also check out the API's documentation and examples on GitHub

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