Amazon Extends Associates Program to Android Developers

Android users will now have more opportunities to purchase Amazon goods through their apps. Amazon this week introduced its new Mobile Associates API for Kindle Fire and other Android devices. The API allows developers to sell Amazon goods through their apps and games, while earning up to 6 percent in commission on the sales.

Amazon’s long running associates program is an affiliate program that lets you post links to Amazon products on your site or app. When your customers purchase products via those links, you get a kickback on the sale.

Amazon lets you sell goods with its API in three ways: You can sell a single item within an app or a game, you can showcase a category of goods or you can bundle the physical item with the digital one, for example, selling a physical version of a board game when a customer buys the digital one.

Here's another example Amazon gives on how one might use the API: Imagine you have a fitness app that tracks a user’s progress to a fitness goal (let's say they are training for a marathon), along the wa, you can offer them links to purchase items such as running shoes or a new heart rate monitor.

Amazon offers several ways to implement its Mobile Associates API. You can give your customers a direct link to Amazon, you can offer a product preview, you can provide a complete in-app shopping experience where users never have to leave your app, or you can reward customer by granting a virtual digital item in your app with the purchase of a physical product through Amazon.

Essentially, you present the product in way that is appropriate to your app, and Amazon handles the fulfillment and other details.

Amazon boast millions of customers, many of whom already have their credit card details on file with the retail giant. Developers who want to learn more about Amazon’s Mobile Associate API, can read the documentation on Amazon’s site.

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