Amazon Introduces ACS for Devices

Amazon has announced a Preview version of its Amazon Common Software (ACS) for Devices. ACS for Devices is a streamlined method to deploy Amazon Device SDKs on devices. Amazon uses the ACS internally for devices such as the Echo Dot and Amazon Smart Oven. Amazon believes third party device makers can also benefit from this software.

“At Amazon, we understand the complexity and effort needed to develop and ship a high-quality connected device," Joshua Danovitz, Amazon Director of ACS, commented in a blog post announcement. "ACS makes proven software from Amazon devices easier to use for device makers who want to quickly launch a device supporting Amazon Device SDKs, including FFS and AWS IoT SDKs. Now, device makers can focus on launching devices with innovative new features while significantly speeding up development time using ACS.”

Makers can use ACS for devices on certain reference platforms. Currently, those platforms include ESP32, and Raspberry Pi 4. Alternatively, developers can integrate the ACS on any hardware Platform of choice.

ACS supports FreeRTOS and Embedded Linux OS. ACS includes a unified API Integration layer. The preview version includes support for FFS and AWS IoT Device SDKs. Amazon expects to add Alexa Voice Service support later in 2020. Visit the ASC preview site to apply for Preview access and learn more. 

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