Amazon Introduces Alexa Skills Kit SDK for Python

Amazon recently introduced a beta version of its Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) SDK for Python. The SDK includes the same features as the Java and Node.js SDKs, which are both now generally available. With a Python SDK now available, Python developers can avoid writing standard code to process Alexa response and requests. The SDK includes Python support libraries and tools.

Features available in the SDK include request handling, response building, attribute management, and Alexa API calls. Request handling streamlines execution of the proper code when Alexa sends a request. Response building allows developers to create any number of responses (e.g. text-to-speech, audio, video, cards, etc.). Attribute management allows for the storage and retrieval of information based on attribute. Almost any Alexa API call can be made from a skill.

To learn more, visit the ASK SDK for Python at GitHub. There, you will find Sample Code and complete docs. Python skills can be hosted in AWS Lambda or third party infrastructure. During the beta, feedback and feature requests can be made through GitHub by creating an issue on the repository.

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