Amazon Introduces App Submission API

Amazon recently introduced its App Submission APITrack this API. Through the API, app owners can programmatically update their apps on Amazon's Appstore. This automates previously manual tasks like basic updates, new APKs, and version updates. The API is similar to the submission API used with the Google Play store.

For files up to 300MB, the API enables one step uploads that are immediately reflected in the developer console. For files between 300MB and 900MB, the API requires a two step process. Visit the docs for specific instructions on uploading files over 900MB.

The API is RESTful and supports PUT, GET, POST and DELETE commands for a long list of assets. Assets include images, videos, Fire TV assets, and app metadata. Further, developers can add, edit, and remove app descriptions and configure device targeting settings.

App submission APIs are not a new concept. As mentioned, Google has a similar API and Amazon has purposefully launched theirs with a similar build. Only a few tweaks to the Google API is needed to use with the Amazon App Submission API.

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