Amazon Introduces Data API for Redshift

Amazon has announced that Amazon Redshift (a managed cloud data warehouse) is now accessible from the built-in Redshift Data API. Such access makes it easier for developers to build web services applications that include integrations with services such as AWS Lambda, AWS AppSync, and AWS Cloud9. Further, there’s no more need to manage database connections and credentials for access.

The API is available in all AWS regions with an exception of AWS GovCloud and Asia Pacific. To invoke access through the API, execute SQL commands to the Amazon Redshift cluster through an HTTPS API Endpoint. The endpoint is provided by the Data API.

Instead of managing credentials on your own, the API uses IAM user credentials or database credentials that are stored in AWS Secrets Manager. Credentials ARE NOT passed in API calls. Authentication is handled slightly differently depending on whether developers are working in AWS Lambda, AWS SDK, or other environments. For more information, check out the Amazon Redshift docs.

Ingest and egress is available for all languages supported by the AWS SDK. That includes Python, Go, Java, Node.js, PHP, Ruby, and C++. For more information on Redshift in general, visit the product page. Cost information is available at the pricing page.

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