Amazon Introduces Usage Plans for Amazon API Gateway

Amazon initially launched the Amazon API Gateway last year. The Gateway allows developers to build backend services for mobile, Web, enterprise, and IoT applications. Now, Amazon has introduced Usage Plans for the API Gateway that will allow developers to build and monetize APIs as well as create an ecosystem around such APIs. Usage Plans come in varying levels of access (gold, silver, bronze; individual, professional, enterprise; and many more). The move hopes to keep pace with competitors who already offer similiar options. 

"Because...APIs provide substantial business value, our customers have told us that they would like to build APIs, regulate access to them, and monetize them by charging based on usage," Amazon's Jeff Barr commented in a blog post announcement.

The Usage Plans control various aspects of API access including throttling, quota, and API/stages. Throttling is the overall request rate (i.e. average requests per second) and includes a capacity for burst. Quota is the number of requests that API consumers can make per day, per week, or per month. API/stages are the APIs and the API stages that a user can access. To utilize Usage Plans, developers must associate each API with a plan. The API Gateway will create a default plan and associate the plan to each API to ease the process.

Amazon has laid out step by step plans to create a Usage Plan. From the API Gateway Console, developers should navigate to "Usage Plans", and click on "Create". After assigning a name and description, the developer must enter the throttling and quota options. From this point, a simple user interface walks the developer through the rest of the process.

Usage Plans allow API owners to bill for usage and create an ecosystem of users around APIs. Owners can control and enforce access policies, grant customized access to subscribers, and manage development and testing stages. Usage Plans are available today and ready for developers to use. 

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