Amazon Joins Single Sign-On Game with ‘Login with Amazon’

Passwords are passé, or so thinks Amazon. The online retail giant is launching its own single sign on service for third-party developers. Dubbed “Login with Amazon,” the API enables Amazon’s 200 million active customers to sign into websites, apps and games using their Amazon credentials.

Working the same way as social logins like Facebook, Twitter and Google, the service allows users to sign into other websites and apps without having to remember separate passwords. What sets Login with Amazon apart is its ecommerce appeal.

Amazon says the service gives visitors a fast and secure way to sign in to a website or mobile app using their existing Amazon account. They simply click the Login with Amazon button, which redirects them to a login screen. Amazon provides pages where the user logs in then consents to allow a third-party website access to what parts of their Amazon accounts they want to share.

Amazon has already found early success in testing Login with Amazon on Zappos and Woot, both Amazon subsidiaries. According to Amazon, Zappos saw 40 percent of new customers choosing to sign into with their Amazon account, while Woot found that its customers where two times more likely to choose Login with Amazon than any other social login on its website. What’s more, those customers had the highest rate of order conversion.

Developers can implement Login with Amazon at no charge. The service is available now for websites or Android or IOS-based mobile apps.

"The service is easy to integrate, as developers can typically go from registration to launch in a matter of hours," Amazon claimed. "It is based on the OAuth 2.0 authorization Framework, allowing developers to leverage a widely-adopted open protocol."

Developers who want to learn more about the service can check out the Login with Amazon website

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