Amazon Launches AWS Cost Explorer API

Amazon has launched a new Interactive AWS Cost Explorer API which provides access to underlying Cost Explorer data. The AWS Cost Explorer is a free tool that can be used to view AWS costs and manage AWS Spending. Developers can view AWS spending data for the past thirteen months, and forecast likely expenditures for the next three months. The tool also provides recommendations as to which Reserved Instances should be purchased. The data can be viewed and sorted in a variety of ways, and there are currently more than a dozen filters including Availability Zone (AZ), Instance Type, API operation, Purchase Option, and Billing Entity.

The AWS Cost Explorer API can be used to build dashboards to analyze AWS spending, add AWS cost data to accounting systems to figure out costs per department and per application, and build other applications for analyzing AWS expenditures. The API includes several “GET” operations for retrieving AWS Cost Explorer data over a given time frame such as cost and usage metrics, filter values for a specified filter, tag keys and tag values, and EC2 Reserved Instance utilization. The API also includes pagination and grouping capabilities.

There are Amazon SDKs available that developers can use to integrate the AWS Cost Explorer API and other AWS services with applications. The AWS Cost Explorer API is not free to use, the cost for each API call is $0.01, at the time of publication.

For more information about the AWS Cost Explorer API view the online documentation.

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