Amazon Launches New A/B Testing Service for Mobile App and Game Developers

In July, ProgrammableWeb reported that Amazon had launched GameCircle, a new set of gaming APIs and services for the Kindle Fire. Amazon has just announced the launch of the Amazon A/B Testing Service Beta, which offers easy in-app A/B testing for developers who create and distribute apps and games using the Amazon Mobile App Distribution Program.

Amazon Games Library

Screenshots of Kindle Fire Games Library -- Image Credit: Amazon Mobile App Distribution Blog

The Amazon A/B Testing Service Beta is the latest service added to the Amazon Mobile App SDK which was designed for use by third-party application developers. The Amazon Mobile App SDK also includes:

  • Kindle Fire Development Resources - Detailed Documentation and other resources developers can reference when building apps for Kindle Fire.
  • In-App Purchasing API - Makes it possible for developers to offer digital content and subscriptions within their Kindle Fire games and applications.
  • Amazon GameCircle API - Allows developers to integrate leaderboards, achievements, etc into their Kindle Fire games.
  • Amazon Maps API - Makes it possible for developers to add interactive maps to most applications developed for the Kindle Fire.

The Amazon A/B Testing Service Beta provides developers a means to determine the needs of their app and game users. Developers can easily and simply integrate tools so that testing can be done within games and applications. Experiments can be created for a portion of app users, then finalized updates can be launched for a broader audience without the need to write additional code or resubmit the app.

Mike Frazzini, Director of Amazon Games, is quoted in the announcement as saying:

"Apps are living products continuously being updated, modified and improved, and with millions of potential active users, developers know that seemingly small changes can have a large impact on customers. Our A/B Testing service is essential for developers because it will help offload the overhead costs of building, maintaining and running scalable tests."

The announcement posted on the Amazon Mobile App Distribution Blog lists some of the benefits of the A/B Testing service such as the service is free to use, can be easily integrated, deployment is painless, and Scaling is effortless.

Developers can learn more about the Amazon A/B Testing service on the Amazon Mobile App SDK website.

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