Amazon Launches New Tool That Helps Developers Integrate Amazon APIs into Android Apps

Amazon has just announced the release of the Mobile App SDK Eclipse plugin (beta), a new tool that makes it easier for developers to integrate Amazon APIs into Android applications using Eclipse.

Amazon API Property Page in Eclipse

Image Credit: Amazon Mobile App Distribution Blog

The Amazon Mobile App SDK Eclipse Plugin helps developers easily integrate Amazon APIs into Android projects by automatically verifying that Android applications contain all the config entries necessary to set up Amazon APIs. The plugin adds a property page to Android projects where developers can select Amazon APIs to be used. From the property page developers can also choose to enable or disable Amazon APIs, add or remove specific API features, and upgrade to newer API versions.

The plugin is free for developers that distribute their applications on Amazon and works for all apps and games submitted to the Amazon Marketplace. Please note that per the installation documentation:

"The Amazon Mobile App SDK Eclipse plugin makes use of special metadata that has been bundled with the Amazon Mobile App SDK. To use the beta version of the plugin, you must install the latest version of the SDK."

Developers interested in using the Amazon Mobile App SDK Eclipse Plugin can find installation information at the Amazon Mobile App Distribution website.

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