Amazon Launches Route 53 Auto Naming API for Microservices

This week, Amazon announced the launch of a new Route 53 Auto Naming API that allows developers to automate the registration of DNS for microservices.

Route 53 is an Amazon AWS offering that handles Domain Name System (DNS) services in the cloud.

According to Amazon, "The new API simplifies the management of DNS names and health checks for microservices that run on top of AWS when microservices scale up and down."

Until now, developers had to write custom scripts to manage DNS records, as well as health checks, or use third-party software. With the new API, however, developers can now access a new service instance once it's registered by issuing a simple DNS query for the service name. If a health check has been configured, developers can also verify the status of the health check for a service instance through the API.

The Route 53 Auto Naming API is a boon for developers because of the automation it helps facilitate. While microservices are increasingly popular, they present a number of challenges and automation of DNS is one of them. By using the Route 53 Auto Naming API, developers now have an easier means of addressing this challenge.

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