Amazon Releases AWS Price List API

Amazon announced the release of the new AWS Price List API which allows AWS partners and customers to programmatically access the prices of AWS services. The API provides access to AWS prices including (but not limited to) Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon CloudFront, and Amazon RDS returning the data in JSON or CSV format.

The AWS Price List API makes it possible for AWS prices to be accessed by forecasting, analytics, and other business tools used by AWS customers and partners without the need to scrape the information from the AWS Web site. API responses include product information as well as pricing information and product attributes have been added to all AWS products including SKU. AWS services pricing is indexed by SKU and the attributes can be used to find the SKU.

The API provides two options for accessing AWS prices; download an offer file and download an offer index file. An offer file contains a list of the products and prices available for a single AWS service. An offer file can be returned by the API as either JSON or CSV format. An offer index file contains a list of all the available AWS services with a URL for each offer file that can be used to retrieve the prices. An offer index file is returned by the API as JSON.

Another option for accessing the prices of AWS services is using Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS). Amazon SNS is a Web Service that developers can use to add a push messaging notification to third-party applications. Using Amazon SNS, AWS customers and partners can be automatically notified when changes are made to AWS prices.

It should be noted that Free Tier pricing, Spot Instances, and AWS Marketplace products information is not provided by the AWS Price List API. Visit the AWS Web site for more information about the AWS Price List API and other AWS services.

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